Monday, March 30, 2015

Moving from NM to MI was a lot of work, and while it is a bit chilly up here, it is great to be back in MI. I have already had a visit from my bestest friend in the whole world, we have know each other since middle school! And I have a bunch of other super awesome friends that I will hopefully be getting to see in the near future!

So to be really honest, after not being able to write for the last few weeks, I was starting to worry if when I had time to write again if I would be able to. Today I answered that fear with a Bitch Slap and wrote 1500+ words into Chapter 20! It felt so good to be writing again, and to be introducing a new character that I have been really wanting to bring into the book.

Hopefully now I will get some more time in general to do some writing, between looking for a house as well! :)

Now back to Iryvalya and figuring out what Ny will do next!!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Working on Chapter 19. It is a very detailed chapter, so it is taking me a bit longer than normal, but that just means it should be a really good chapter too! :)

In other news, found a new way to get my sweet little girl to not take her PJ's off! I put the PJ's on backwards, and she is not yet able to figure out how to unzip it! I give it only a few days and she will figure this one out as well! She is a small little Peanut! :)

Also, I am still in shock that it is already March. Time has been flying this year, between writing, school, being a Mom and preparing to move back to Michigan. Hopefully this summer things might slow down just a little.