Monday, April 13, 2015

Just completed Chapter 26. It is getting closer to the ending of Book One, which is pretty exciting. Then on to my edits and starting Book Two!

I have to say I am really finding my muse has been really busy at getting me going since moving up to MI! I wonder if she went on a sabbatical to MI the last few weeks I was in NM!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I am working on Chapter 22... it is going really good, I feel like my creative juices are back up after the move and getting more settled in... I hit a really big milestone in my opinion, I have over 300 pages done and over 70K words written so far in my novel!

Other news, we actually already founded a house! I cannot believe that we already found one we love, so as of right now, we should close on it the first of May... so another move, but at least this one will only be a couple miles away instead of states away! :)

Also, on a cute note, I wanted to share, my daughter the other day was playing with me on my bed, she was snuggled up in the blankets and all of the sudden she jumped up, grabbed a blanket and dragged it around the bed over to me. Now this was not a light blanket and she struggled with it for a bit, then when she got behind me, she laid the blanket (the best she could) over me and then ran back around to snuggle back on the other side. Such a little sweetheart :)